Hoax "artfully" organized by Banksy and Sotheby's

Hoax "artfully" organized by Banksy and Sotheby's

It was just free advertising!

Only two days ago, was make known the news of Banksy's painting that is self destroing after it being sold out for 1.042.000 pounds, equal to 1.180.000 euros.

But what is the reality or the motivation of this act?


It is easy for an inexperienced person to believe this news, but if you think about it, a series of questions arise:

  1. if the self-destruction mechanism was installed many years ago, as Banksy says, and it has been remotely activated, I wonder, what kind of battery is able to hold the charge for several years with the receiver on?
  2. observing the position of the blades (they will be very sharp blades ...) it seems that they are the opposite of the cut! those canvas strips look like those produced by a small destroy document for basket.
  3. if the "shredder" has been integrated into the frame, how is it possible that the objects sold in one of the most famous auction houses in the world do not go through any control, like the metal detector? In this way any "framer" is free to insert a bomb inside a frame, very easily and without being discovered.
  4. does not it seem rather strange that among all the works by Banksy sold by Sotheby's, only this is with this kind of frame (of genre "questionable" for the type of work)?
  5. is it possible that none of Sotheby's has paid attention to the strange opening at least 1 cm thick placed in the lower part of the frame through which the canvas strips have passed?

There are many questions that have not been answered, but in our opinion one thing is certain:

nothing is given by chance, especially in this marketing operation that has brought a global notoriety both to the artist and to the auction house. 
And at this point it comes to think: has never existed the myth of Banksy with his anti-establishment beliefs or has always been "the Banksy brand"!


On Instagram the "explanation" of Banksy

The mysterious Banksy then told the story behind his work that he self-destructed after the auction and did so with a video posted on Instagram. The artist - someone hypothesized that the purchaser of the 'Child with the balloon' was himself - shows in the movie how years ago he secretly installed an artisanal mechanism, "in case he finished off at auction", he recites the caption that flows on the images, where a hooded figure, Banksy himself, places the mechanism in the frame of the painting.


Visualizza questo post su Instagram

. "The urge to destroy is also a creative urge" - Picasso

Un post condiviso da Banksy (@banksy) in data:


"The urge to destroy is also a creative urge" signed his post Banksy, attributing the paternity of the sentence to Picasso, in reality, however, these words "Picasso" had already taken them to the Russian philosopher-anarchist Michael Bakunin who died in 1876.


Like in a spy movie, the Banksyìs framework has self-destructed, in part, immediately after being auctioned for a million pounds.

At the exact moment when Sotheby's auction closed, "The Girl with the Balloon", the famous painting by Banksy, began to self-destruct under the incredulous eyes of those present. A few seconds after the Sotheby's auctioneer beat the hammer, a kind of shredder hidden in the frame has destroyed most of the canvas and turned it into many strips.
The work, initially estimated at between 200 thousand and 300 thousand pounds, is one of the most famous subjects of Banksy. Spray paint and acrylic on canvas, depicts a girl trying to reach a red balloon in the shape of a heart. The auction house declared that the painting signed with a lot of dedication, had been purchased directly by the artist in 2006.

Some details of the story remain unclear, starting from the identity of the buyer who had just won the work by telephone during the Contempory Art Evening Sale for the record price of 1,042,000 pounds, equal to 1,180,000 euros. According to some witnesses, a man dressed in black with a hat and sunglasses was spotted as he walked away from the auction house shortly after the incident (Baah). It is thought that it is Banksy himself whose identity is still shrouded in mystery (Baah) (the auction house certainly knows its name, provided that the work has paid it in black !). "We have been Banksyzzati" said Alex Branczik, the director of Sotheby's - "we are committed to understanding how to proceed".

Usually when a work is damaged while it is in the custody of an auction house, the buyer can withdraw the offer but it seems that in this case Girl with balloon, or what is left of it, has purchased even more value

We bet that in a few years we will find this work at Sotheby's at a much higher price?

Posted on 10/08/2018 Famous painting 1839
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